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Mi-8   Variant Briefing
International Modifications
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   SAR version

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online partnersuche erste nachricht    online partnersuche tipps Mi-171Sh
   upgrade by Advanced Technologies and Engineering

   upgrade package with modern avionics, improved observation and
   sighting systems and flexible armament
   first built 2007

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online partnersuche Mi-17    online partnersuche test Mi-17

   fire fighting version with a 3-tonne water tank in the cabin
   first built October 1999


online partnersuche kosten Mi-17    online partnersuche erfolgsquote Mi-17

   transport version with modified self-defence equipment
   (electronic armor plate)


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online partnersuche vergleich Mi-17KF    partnersuche online wien Mi-17KF
   upgrade by russische frau sucht deutschen mann heiraten Kelowna

   glass cockpit upgrade

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frau sucht freundin in dresden Helicopter-DataBase Photo Mi-17 (upgrade by China 3) LH91706    frauen aus osteuropa xenia droben Mi-17

   test version within the Z-10 program
   armed with eight air-to-air missiles TY-90 developed by China

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frauen aus osteuropa erfahrungen Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:9185 Mi-17-V7 (upgrade by China 2) 11251    frauen aus osteuropa Mi-17-V7

   SAR version
   modified for the People's Liberation Army Air Force

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frauen aus osteuropa in deutschland Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:9186 Mi-17-V7 (upgrade by China 3) LH947xx    singlebörsen gratis Mi-17-V7

   SAR version
   modified for the People's Liberation Army Army

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singlebörsen gratis für frauen Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:3728 Mi-171 (upgrade by China 1) LH94742    singlebörsen gratis test Mi-171

   command version
   first noted 2008

   seriöse partnervermittlung spanien

singlebörsen gratis ohne anmeldung Helicopter-DataBase Photo Mi-171 (upgrade by China 8) LH99743    singlebörsen gratis österreich Mi-171

   version with a retractable battlefield surveillance radar (1)

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julie gmbh partnervermittlung bergen Helicopter-DataBase Photo Mi-171 (upgrade by China 6) LH99753    christliche partnervermittlungen Mi-171

   version with a retractable battlefield surveillance radar (2)

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partnersuche junge leute kostenlos Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:12101 Mi-171 (upgrade by China 7) LH910708    partnersuche kostenlos für junge leute Mi-171

   transport version with a terrain following radar

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partnerbörse für junge leute Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:9183 Mi-171 (upgrade by China 4) LH94738    partnerbörse junge leute Mi-171

   version with multiple blade antennas and
   a hemispherical antenna installed beneath the fuselage

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partnersuche singlebörse übersicht Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:9097 Mi-171 (upgrade by China 3) LH95766    partnersuche singles mit kinderwunsch Mi-171

   version with a cylindrical antenna installed on top of the tail boom

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partnersuche single Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:1637 Mi-8MTV-1 (upgrade by ZTC) H-253 95878    partnersuche singles mit niveau Mi-8MTV-1
   upgrade by singles in der nähe app Velika Gorica

   VIP version
   modified for the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence
   first built 2006

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frauen männer in deutschland Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:8052 Mi-8PS (upgrade by ZTC) 276 10662    reiche frauen suchen männer deutschland Mi-8PS   
   upgrade by 50plus treff de kostenlos anmelden Velika Gorica

   transport version with rescue hoist
   modified for the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence
   first noted August 2008 (?)

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partnerbörsen im vergleich stiftung warentest    partnerbörsen im vergleich kosten Mi-17Z-2

   electronic intelligence and electronic countermeasures version

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Czech Republic
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partnerbörsen im vergleich kostenlos Helicopter-DataBase Mi-8T (upgrade by LOM Praha) OK-YXB 041032    frauen suchen männer mit zukunft männer suchen frauen ohne vergangenheit Mi-8T
   upgrade by LOM Praha

   fire fighting version
   first reported 1993

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singlebörse regensburg Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:1766 Mi-17SOR (upgrade by LOM Praha) 0835 108M35    partnersuche für esoteriker Mi-17SOR
   upgrade by LOM Praha

   upgrade with new navigation / communication systems and
   modified self-defence equipment
   first built 2001 (?)

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partnersuche kostenlos grafschaft bentheim Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:3339 Mi-17 (upgrade by LOM Praha) 573 108M22    partnersuche grafschaft bentheim Mi-17
   upgrade by LOM Praha

   upgrade for the Afghan National Army Air Corps
   first built 2007

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schweizer single hitparade 1988 Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:4171 Mi-171Sh (upgrade by LOM Praha) 9837 59489619837    schweizer hitparade singles top Mi-171Sh
   upgrade by LOM Praha

   upgrade with new cockpit lay-out, modified communication, navigation and
   identification systems, NVG improvement and advanced self-defence equipment
   first built 2008

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schweizer single hitparade 1987 Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:8153 Mi-17-1V (upgrade by LOM Praha) 0811 108M11    schweizer single hitparade 2013 Mi-17-1V
   upgrade by LOM Praha

   civil transport version modified for Afghanistan

   first built 2011

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100 percent free dating site in germany Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:7944 Mi-8T (upgrade by LOM Praha) OK-SFB 10534    100 free online dating site in germany Mi-8T
   upgrade by LOM Praha

   civil transport version modified for a German customer

   first built 2012

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amy webb how i hacked online dating video on    how i hacked online dating ted talk Mi-8T

   transport version with undernose weather radar (1st version)

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singlebörse christlich    christliche singlebörse hamburg Mi-8T

   transport version with undernose weather radar (2nd version)
   and non-standard equipment

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christliche singlebörse münchen    christliche singlebörse gratis Mi-8PS

   passenger-salon version with undernose weather radar (2nd version)
   and non-standard equipment

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singlebörse christlich kostenlos Mi-17 with the Flight Guard Self Protection System    partnersuche reiten Mi-171
   upgrade by christliche partnersuche bielefeld Tel Aviv

   modification of Sri Lanka Air Force Mi-171
   with the Flight Guard Self Protection System

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partnersuche ab 50 kostenlos ohne anmeldung Mi-17-V5 with the Flight Guard Self Protection System    partnersuche kostenlos österreich Mi-17-V5
   upgrade by partnervermittlung test 2014 Tel Aviv

   modification of Sri Lanka Air Force Mi-17-V5
   with the Flight Guard Self Protection System

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chat ab 50 kostenlos Mi-172 "ANDOR"    ebay kleinanzeigen berlin kostenlos Mi-172 "ANDOR"
   upgrade by partnersuche bei facebook Haifa

   modular modernization project
   first reported 2000

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kleinanzeigen berlin kostenlos aufgeben Mi-17 "PEAK17"    christliche singlebörse international Mi-17 "PEAK17"
   upgrade by kostenlos inserieren münchen Tel Aviv

   Tactical Upgrade Package
   first reported 2001

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online partnervermittlung schweiz Mi-17 "MISSION PLUS"    partnersuche christ sucht christ Mi-17 "MISSION PLUS"
   upgrade by kostenlos inserieren mietwohnung Tel Aviv

   Tactical Upgrade Package
   first reported 2006

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nette leute kennenlernen kostenlos ohne anmeldung Mi-17 "JASMIN"    partnervermittlung dresden Mi-17 "JASMIN"
   upgrade by partnersuche deutschland kostenlos Haifa

   modification of Macedonian Air Force Mi-17
   with the ANVIS/HUD-24 system
   first built 2004

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partnervermittlung dresden kostenlos Mi-17 "ALEKSANDAR"    partnervermittlung julie dresden Mi-17 "ALEKSANDAR"
   upgrade by partnersuche für leicht behinderte Haifa

   modification of Macedonian Air Force Mi-17
   first built 2006

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partnervermittlung tunesien Mi-8MT "ALEKSANDAR"    singlebörsen im vergleich Mi-8MT "ALEKSANDAR"
   upgrade by partnersuche für behinderte Haifa

   modification of Macedonian Air Force Mi-8MT
   first built 2006 (?)

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reisepartner für island gesucht Mi-8T    partnersuche lienz Mi-8T
   modification by wo finde ich einen partner Kaunas

   SAR version with rescue hoist LPG-150, weather radar and SX-16 searchlight
   first noted June 2000 (?)

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christliche partnersuche test Mi-8MTV-1    singlebörse kostenlos nur für frauen Mi-8MTV-1

   transport version with 4 Pylons, weather radar and SX-16 searchlight
   first noted July 2005 (?)

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american dating in germany Mi-17-1V    alternative partnervermittlung Mi-17-1V
   modification by online dating rules for ladies Kaunas

   modification of Hungarian Air Force Mi-17-1V
   with the rescue hoist SLG-300
   first built 2007 (?)

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alleinerziehende single väter kostenlos Mi-8MTV-1    partnersuche kostenpflichtig Mi-8MTV-1
   modification by online dating rules of the american male Kaunas

   sea search version with radar RDR-1500B and FLIR Sea Star SAFIRE II
   first noted September 2007 (?) kostenlos anmelden kostenlos erfahrungen

partnersuche kostenlos ohne registrierung Mi-8T    partnersuche landkreis paderborn Mi-8T
   modification by single de kostenlos Kaunas

   SAR version with rescue hoist SLG-300 and observation system STAR SAFIRE III
   first built 2008 (?)

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kontaktbörse kostenlos österreich Mi-8T    partnersuche sz online Mi-8T
   modification by partnervermittlung vera Kaunas

   SAR version with rescue hoist LPG-150 and FLIR
   first noted June 2008 (?)

   partnersuche kostenlos ohne mitgliedschaft

singles international free Mi-8T    singles international vacations Mi-8T
   modification by partnersuche ohne kosten und registrierung Kaunas

   SAR version with rescue hoist HS-20200 and FLIR
   first noted July 2008 (?)

   partnersuche ohne kosten

singles international winnipeg Mi-8T    singles international Mi-8T
   modification by partnervermittlung deutschland kostenlos Kaunas

   upgrade according to requirements of the Polish police aviation
   first noted September 2008 (?)

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singlebörse für mollige ch Mi-8PS    singlebörsen für mollige Mi-8PS
   modification by partnervermittlungen deutschland Kaunas

   VIP version with air conditioning system
   first noted October 2008 (?)

   partnervermittlung deutsche frauen

singlebörse für mollige männer Mi-8T    partnervermittlung für alleinerziehende Mi-8T
   modification by partnervermittlung für deutsche frauen Kaunas

   upgrade according to requirements of UN/WFP missions
   first built 2009 (?)

   singlebörse kärnten

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totally free dating site in germany Mi-8MTV-1    free christian dating site in germany Mi-8MTV-1
   modification by gute singlebörsen erfahrungen Kaunas

   SAR version with rescue hoist SLG-300 and observation system STAR SAFIRE III
   first built 2009 (?)

   türken singlebörse

christliche partnersuche kostenlos schweiz Mi-8T    partnersuche hundesport Mi-8T
   modification by türkische singlebörse Kaunas

   transport version with rescue hoist LPG-150 and SX-16 searchlight
   first noted June 2010 (?)

   partnervermittlung internet erfahrungen

partnersuche hundehalter Mi-17-1V    partnervermittlung griechenland Mi-17-1V

   SAR version with FLIR
   first noted June 2010 (?)

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studenten singlebörse Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:8832 Mi-17-1V (upgrade by ASU Baltija 2) RAF-1209 646M09    studenten singlebörse innsbruck Mi-17-1V
   modification by alternative partnervermittlung internet Kaunas

   upgrade of Rwandan Air Force Mi-17-1V
   for participation in UN missions in Africa
   first built 2011

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studenten singlebörse österreich Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:4384 Mi-8MTV-1 1711    partnervermittlung rumänien erfahrungen Mi-8MTV-1

   transport version with non-standard weapon pylons and NATO armament
   modified for the Mexican Air Force

   first noted 2007 (?)

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dating website berlin Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:8019 Mi-17-1V EP-604 Peruvian army aviation armed with the HMP-250A1DC gun pod    dating site berlin Mi-17-1V
   modification by kostenlos kleinanzeigen berlin

   transport version with additional NATO armament
   modified for the Peruvian army aviation

   first built December 2010

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christliche partnervermittlung senioren Mi-8D    partnervermittlung 50+ test Mi-8D
   (D = Dowódcza = Command)
   modification by online speed dating kostenlos Łódź

   airborne command post version

   online speed dating

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partnervermittlung 50 senioren Mi-8T/S    online dating berlin kostenlos Mi-8T/S
   (T/S = Transportowa/Salonka = Transport/Salon)
   modification by chat ohne registrieren kostenlos ch Łódź

   salon version for 7 passengers built for Polish army aviation

   chat ohne registrieren kostenlos österreich

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kostenlos immobilien inserieren schweiz Mi-8RL-T    kostenlos immobilien inserieren kroatien Mi-8RL-T    [ single urlaub partnersuche ]
   (RL = Ratownictwa lądowego = Land Rescue)
   modification by singles deutschland statistisches bundesamt Łódź

   land search and rescue version on the basis of Mi-8T

   singles deutschland 2015

jüdische partnervermittlung schweiz Mi-8RL-PS    partnersuche ch kostenlos Mi-8RL-PS    [ singles deutschland anzahl ]
   (RL = Ratownictwa lądowego = Land Rescue)
   modification by singles deutschland kostenlos Łódź

   land search and rescue version on the basis of Mi-8PS

   singles deutschland

dating sites schweiz Mi-17AE    dating seiten schweiz Mi-17AE
   (AE = Aeromedyczna ewakuacja = Aeromedical Evacuation)
   modification by singles deutschland 2012 Łódź

   MEDEVAC version
   first built 2006

   singles deutschland 2014

chat single gratis Mi-8P    partnervermittlung bosnien und herzegowina Mi-8P
   modification by singles deutschlandsberg Łódź

   salon version for 22 passengers built for Polish air force
   first built 2009

   singles deutschland 2013

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best free online dating sites in germany Mi-8PL    100 free online dating sites in germany Mi-8 / 17PL
   (PL = Polska = Poland)
   only mock-up
   built 2010

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partnervermittlung wien osteuropa Mi-8T VZ Moma Stanojlović    partnervermittlung wien seriös Mi-8T
   upgrade by internationale partnersuche kostenlos Batajnica

   transport version with new armament and
   modified navigation / communication systems
   first built 2011

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partnervermittlung wien akademiker    partnersuche tirol gratis Mi-17M
   upgrade by Letecké opravovne Trenčín

   upgrade with new navigation / communication systems and
   modified self-defence equipment
   first built 2001 (?)

   gutes motto partnersuche

partnersuche für single mit kind    partnervermittlung ukraine natalya kosten Mi-17 ELINT    [ lustiges motto partnersuche ]
   upgrade by Letecké opravovne Trenčín

   electronic intelligence version
   first built 2001

   partnersuche motto

partnervermittlung natalya neu anmelden kostenlos Mi-17 LZPS
   upgrade by Letecké opravovne Trenčín

   search and rescue version
   first built 2006

   partnerbörsen test 2015

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ted how i hack online dating Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:7826 Mi-17 (upgrade by Aviakon) A-2603 223M108    best singles bars in frankfurt Mi-17
   upgrade by singlebörsen österreich gratis Konotop

   modification of Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force Mi-17
   in the VIP version with weather radar
   first built 2008 (?)

   partnersuche in mannheim

singlebörse für frauen mit kinderwunsch Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:7820 Mi-8T (upgrade by Aviakon) A-2601    singlebörse für frauen ab 50 Mi-8T
   upgrade by partnersuche kostenlos hannover Konotop

   modification of Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force Mi-8T
   with weather radar
   first built 2008 (?)

   kostenlos anmelden spiele online

singlebörse für frauen Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:7824 Mi-8MTV-1 (upgrade by Aviakon 1) A-2605 96061    singlebörse für große frauen Mi-8MTV-1
   upgrade by kostenlos anmelden spiele Konotop

   modification of Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force Mi-8MTV-1
   with weather radar
   first built 2008 (?)

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singlebörse für frauen gratis Mi-8T    singlebörse für ältere frauen Mi-8T
   upgrade by partnersuche internet junge leute Konotop

   modification of Ukrainian Border Guard Mi-8Ts with searchlight SX-16
   first built 2008


partnervermittlung ernestine gmbh lindau Mi-8T    partnersuche für behinderte menschen kostenlos Mi-8T
   upgrade by partnersuche internet erfahrungsberichte Konotop

   upgrade with FLIR payload
   first built 2008


kostenlos wohnung inserieren wien Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:6187 Mi-8MTV with TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines (upgrade by Aviakon) 95238    kostenlos wohnung inserieren frankfurt Mi-8MTV
   upgrade by internet partnersuche statistik Konotop

   upgrade with more powerful engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V
   first built 2010

   partnersuche internet österreich

kostenlos wohnung inserieren münchen Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:5868 Mi-17-V5 (upgrade by Aviakon) N7040J 004M161    kostenlos inserat wohnung Mi-17-V5
   upgrade by internet partnersuche Konotop

   glass cockpit upgrade
   first noted September 2010

   partnervermittlung kubanerinnen

kostenlos inserieren wohnung schweiz Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:7910 Mi-8MTV-1 (upgrade by Aviakon 2) A-2604 95935    kontaktbörse internet kostenlos Mi-8MTV-1
   upgrade by partnervermittlung kuba Konotop

   modification of Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force Mi-8MTV-1
   with weather radar and rescue hoist
   first noted 2010

   partnervermittlung kubanerin

partnersuche im internet sinnvoll Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:8142 Mi-8MSB with TV3-117VMA-SBM1V 4E series engines (upgrade by Motor Sich)    partnersuche im internet studie Mi-8MSB
   upgrade by Motor Sich

   upgrade with more powerful engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V 4E series
   first built 2011

   partnersuche deutschland usa

partnersuche im internet Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:8330 Mi-8T (upgrade by Sevastopol Aircraft Plant) YI-572    partnersuche im internet tipps Mi-8T
   upgrade by Sevastopol Aircraft Plant

   upgrade for the Iraq Army Aviation
   first built 2012 (?)

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United Arab Emirates
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partnersuche facebook Mi-171E    facebook partnersuche südtirol Mi-171E
   upgrade by warum bekomme ich keinen partner Sharjah

   modification according to requirements of the Iraqi Army Aviation
   first built 2010

   partnervermittlung vorarlberg

facebook partnersuche österreich Mi-17-V5    facebook partnersuche kostenlos Mi-17-V5
   upgrade by partnervermittlung vorarlberg kostenlos Sharjah

   modification according to requirements of the Afghan Air Force
   first built 2010

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   modification by online dating für junge leute Batajnica

   test rotorcraft with emergency floatation system

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amy webb how i hacked online dating reddit HT-40E    reisepartner gesucht australien 2013 HT-40E
   modification by partnerbörse testsieger 2014 Batajnica

   electronic intelligence and electronic countermeasures version

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reisepartner finden facebook HT-40 with composite rotor blades    german muslim dating site HT-40
   modification by singles ab 40 facebook Batajnica

   test rotorcraft with composite rotor blades

   partnersuche yahoo

  erfolg internet partnerbörsen Notes:  
[1] unofficial type designation used by Helicopter-DataBase.Net
Mi-8 DataBase last updated 04Mar2018